There are 10 total classification numbers of powers. (0-9) These numbers combine to create your category number.


One that has the ability to change their personal decibels would be a category 29

The ability to absorb/release impacts would be a 68

0. Destroyer

         > Destroys/Disassembles/Disfigures

1. Creator


2. Changer

         >Shifts/Augments (personal changes)

3. Mover

         >Moves/Controls/Reshapes (external changes)

4. Reacher

         >Dimensional Interaction (time/space/concepts)

5. Thinker

         >Illusions/Deceptions/Emotional Manipulation/Knowledge

6. Striker

         >Abilities Work Through Contact

7. Master

         >Mastering talents (i.e. Physical Abilities/Mimic/Camoflague)

8. User

         >Abilities are based off of Alternative/External Forces

9. Feeder

         > Buffs/Debuffs

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